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Affordable SEO with a proven track record

Dynamik has a proven track record in affordable SEO (search engine optimisation) success for North Devon and regional businesses.We invest considerably in our Barnstaple-based team and our tools and capabilities, enabling us to research and implement key phrases that ensure your website is found by customers seeking your products or services.

Increasing your businesses visibility online

Our first steps in increasing your visibility online are to design your website to look good, develop it to be easy to use, engineer it thoroughly for speed and smooth operation, and promote it organically so that customers in your target market find you.

As there are many potential issues that could cause major search engines to penalise your web site and reduce your ranking, we offer a free initial site audit of your existing website to identify any possible or current SEO issues. This provides feedback we can give you on any issues and enables us to advise you on how to fix and improve your website to achieve high organic rankings.

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Achieve First-Page Rankings

We have an excellent track record in achieving first-page ranking for many key phrases for our customers across many industries and locations.

Knowing what you aim to achieve is important and we listen to your requirements so that we can devise and advise on the best SEO strategy for you.

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