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Capturing a wider audience

Coastal Adventures offers thrilling coasteering excursions around the most picturesque bays and coves in North Devon. They provide tourists with the opportunity to experience the coastline from a unique and exhilarating perspective, blending adventure with the natural beauty of the region.

Website Design and Development

Starting from scratch, we designed and developed a professional, high-performing website that showcases the unique experiences Coastal Adventures offers. The site features captivating imagery and engaging content that highlights the excitement of coasteering in North Devon.

SEO Optimisation

To help Coastal Adventures climb the search engine rankings, we implemented a robust SEO strategy. By optimising their website content, metadata, and incorporating relevant keywords, we ensured they could reach adventure enthusiasts searching for coasteering experiences in North Devon.

Google Ads Management

We took over the management of Coastal Adventures’ Google Ads campaigns, streamlining and optimising them for maximum efficiency. Our goal was to save time and money while driving high-quality traffic to the website, leading to more enquiries and bookings.
“Dynamik Marketing took on the project of making our outdoor activities business website fully from scratch. Since using them, we have climbed to 2nd from the top in organic search results, and our website is professional and functions perfectly. They also run our Google Ads and have saved us countless hours and money in streamlining our campaigns. Couldn’t recommend the team more.” Josh Surridge - Owner - Coastal Adventures
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Case Study

Coastal Adventures needed a website that would capture the excitement and allure of their coasteering excursions. They required a platform that was not only visually stunning and user-friendly but also optimised for search engines to attract more adventure seekers. Additionally, they sought effective management of their Google Ads campaigns to save time and money while maximising their reach.

The results speak for themselves. Coastal Adventures has climbed to second from the top in organic search results, greatly increasing their online visibility. Their new website not only looks professional but also functions flawlessly, providing a seamless user experience. The optimised Google Ads campaigns have proven to be highly effective, saving the team countless hours and reducing costs while still driving significant traffic to the site.

Coastal Adventures